The abum free to listen and for sale on Internet

Let's go, The album "Explorations" is officially released.
You can ear it for free and help us on our new website (thanks Mathieu) but also on Itunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Deezer ...
Thanks for sharing the news to your friends and happy listening


3 tracks of the new album are on our youtube channel ! suscribe for it !
Here is the home made movie, using the pics of the artwork, the tracks is called Transe Animale :
Happy listenning

New Album !!! !

CDs are now available ! You can contact us to receive it. Otherwise, they will be on iTunes, deezer and so on for the full moon of the 24 of january.
Thanks to all our explorators who have contributed : Gaël, P.F., Gloria, Julien, Leila, Claire, Marion, Benoit, Eric, Sandro, Sam, Béa, Sly&Sand, Pompom&Lo, Léo, Trulli, Tim, Olivier, Jacky&Marie-Jeanne, Jacques, Claire, Willou, Julie, Lubin&Kael&Lili, Tomate, J.P., Alain&Sylviane and the 70 others !
Good vibes to everyone.